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Lord Buddha, Bob Jacobson  1996

    We saw pictures of Buddha.  We were interested in him because his ears were very long and they had big holes in them.  Buddha was once a prince in India.  His name was Siddhartha and he was very rich.  But he decided that money cannot buy happiness so he gave away all of his riches to the poor.  He used to wear a lot of jewelry and his heavy gold earrings stretched his ears.
    Buddha lived about 500 years before Jesus was born, but their ideas were similar.  Both wanted to heal the poor and they wanted people to live in peace.
     Both Buddha and Jesus were enlightened.  That means that they had knowledge to share with other people.  Artists showed them with haloes of light around their heads to represent their wisdom.

This is part of a class project. You can read the report, "Peace", by clicking the link below.

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