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Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman hated being a slave and made up her mind to run away as soon as she could.  What was so special about her was that she came back and risked her life to help others escape.  Harriet made 19 trips back and forth from the plantations in the south to the cities where slaves could find freedom in the north.  She led over 300 people out of slavery, bringing them as far as Canada.

She was called the Black Moses after the man in the bible who led the slaves out of Egypt.  She was also called the General because she led the slaves like soldiers. She  warned them that she would have to shoot any one of them who would not follow her orders.  She would not allow them to turn back because if they were caught that would give evidence of where they were going and and put every one in danger.  She and the slaves who trusted in her could have been captured and killed.  A reward of $50,000 was offered to bring her back, dead or alive.

When the Civil War started, Harriet Tubman helped the army of the north by going back as a spy to get information that would help in planning attacks against the army in the south that was fighting to keep slavery.  She also sevred as a nurse, helpling hurt and sick soldiers.  When the war was won and slavery ended, Harriet spent the rest ofher life speaking out and trying to get equal rights for black people and for women.