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Made In Japan


Do you recognize this monster?  Do you know where it came from?  Japan once was a country that started wars and then suffered a terrible defeat.  The Godzilla movies showed the dangers of powerful forces that could not be controlled.  They were meant to be a warning to all of us.

Many of the super heroes you see in video games and movies, and on television shows like Pokemon, also originated in Japan.  How do these characters try to help others?  Do they use violence for harmful purposes or as a defense against evil forces? 

If you created your own monster or super hero, what special things could it do?  How would it be helpful?  What kind of adventures would it have?  You can make a storyboard using pictures and text to share your ideas.

Pearl Harbor 1941 

Japan attacked the United States navy in Hawaii.  This surprise attack brought our country into World War II.

Hiroshima 1945


The United States invented the most powerful weapon in the world, the atomic bomb, and dropped it on Japan. After Japan surrendered, the Japanese people wrote a new constitution.  They said they would not have an army or use weapons to fight wars again.

Godzilla 1954


The fictional monster, Godzilla, was a prehistoric dinosaur-like reptile that came out of the ocean after a nuclear bomb was dropped.

Its fiery breath can destroy whole cities and it was meant to symbolize nuclear radiation.

Gary Greenberg, Project Arts Liaison, PS 241

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